Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020
RE-OPENING SOON! (9/11) - Thank you for everyone's inquiry into our opening. We look forward to seeing all of you in the very near future. As we have learned more about opening procedures and requirements, Genesee Fieldhouse will officially be opening on November 1st. In the Month of November, we are starting with practices/training, Adult Soccer Leagues, Girl's Fastpitch Softball and Youth Baseball Leagues/Tournaments. Our Youth Soccer Leagues will begin December 1st (7v, 9v, 11v). All league pricing will be published by the end of the month or feel free to contact us for information. 810-655-2200 or

Youth Soccer Registrations open up on Friday, September 23rd!! New formats offered, limited team availability, as we are running one season that is shortened due to the late start.

A two game deposit is required at the time of registration. Players as of this writing (Sept. 21), will be required to wear masks, while playing per Michigan Health and Human Services. We will update as information is received.

All players and spectators must sign a Covid-19 Form, along with our Roster/Waiver form before entering the facility (email all forms). We are taking individual payments over the phone only, limiting customer interactions at the customer service window.

Due to volume restrictions and requirements, spectators will at minium be reduced to one spectator per athlete (no siblings, grand-parents, etc..), or we may be forced to not allow spectators at all. We will know more before the leagues begin in December.

High School Girls 11 v 11 and 7 v 7 have all inclusive pricing**.

Spectators need to bring their own chairs, as bleachers will be removed. No food allowed in the facility, no sharing of drink bottles, all garbage must be thrown away by those that consumed said item and coaches must bring medical items for the team. We are no longer handing out band-aids, ice packs, gauze to minimize face to face interactions per the CDC. 

It is the coaches/parents responsibility for checking the health and safety of each team member. Everyone will be required to wear a mask when entering and leaving the facility. Spectators must have a facial covering at all times.

Lobby drinking fountain has been turned-off per state requirements. We will still be selling bottle water, soda, and sports drinks out of the machines.


***If you are a referee and are interested in reffing youth and/or adult games, please contact Keith at 810-655-2200.***

If you would like to be added to our online Newsletter, are looking for a team, or have any general questions, please email us:

There are currently no youth boy soccer league schedules/standings.
There are currently no youth girl soccer league schedules/standings.
There are currently no adult soccer league schedules/standings.
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