Flag Football
Updated 8/20/2018
AFFL – Adult Flag Football Rules 2018
A completed Franchise agreement, player contracts, and registration must be filled out before the start of the first
game. Max roster size is 14 players. League is for players 18 years old and older - no exceptions. Matching jerseys
or shirts with numbers are mandatory!
A nonrefundable $450.00 deposit is required to hold your spot. Payment options are Visa, Mastercard,
money order or cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Full deposit must be made in order to
ensure your spot. Partial payments will be given the lowest priority and will not guarantee spot
in the league. A full deposit must be made by registration deadline in order to be put on schedule.
Balance must be completely paid in full by end of second game. Failure to do so will result in
removal from schedule and a forfeit of all games. Players from said team will no longer be eligible
to be recruited on a different team until team balance is paid. Individual payments do not
constitute full payment for a team.
The Genesee Fieldhouse NO REFUND POLICY. If you or a team member is kicked out of the league or a game
for any reason, If you do not have enough players, If you can not pay you balance and you are ejected from the
league, injuries of any kind, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
The Genesee Fieldhouse REFUND POLICY.
If a deposit is made and for whatever reason your team is unable to participate we will refund 100% of your payment
if we have a replacement team.
The managers meeting will be held before the season starts. Genesee Fieldhouse staff will go over the rules, and
requirements to play in the AFFL. This is meeting is mandatory. The captain will sign the AFFL rules, and will be
filed in the team’s jacket. By signing the AFFL rules you are taking the responsibility of assuring the rest of the team
is aware of the rules and rule changes. If a representative does not attend the team risks being removed from the
schedule with no refunds.*
Each team Captain will bring a game ball with them to the pre-game Referee meeting. The Captains will agree to
use 1 of the balls. If an agreement can not be reached each team will play with their own balls. The only stipulation
is the ball has to be a minimum of a high school regulation size.
Each team will be given a different color flag belt. The flag belts are to be placed down the outer legs (not in front or
behind). ALL FLAG BELT STRAPS MUST BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES. The straps can not impede with the
NO CLEATS OF ANY KIND. Any type of footwear must be removed promptly or risk team
forfeiture or removal from game.
Mouth guards must worn by every player while participating on the field at all times. This rule will not be enforced
but it is recommended. Players assume all responsibility.
Every team must wear the same shirt with a number. The Genesee Fieldhouse will sell team shirts to the teams or
you can get them on your own. Regardless where you get the shirts again it is mandatory that they all be the same
color, and with a different numbers. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. There cannot be a distraction for the opposing
team going for the flag.
The captains from both teams will meet the referees in the middle of the field. The referees will do the coin toss. The
home team which is listed first on the officials score sheet will call for the coin while in the air. The ball is placed on
the 15-yard line at the start of the game or after any touchdown. There are never kick offs to start the game or after a
The length of the game is 55 minutes, divided into two halves of 25 minutes. Running time with no clock stoppage
is used in the first half. If the score is within 8 points during the last 2 minutes of the second half the clock will be
stopped when the ball carrier steps out of bounds, there is an incomplete pass, a change in ball possession, a score is
achieved, and when there is a penalty.
Half time is 1 minutes long.
Each team is allowed one 1-minute time out per half. A charged time out can be used at anytime. The time clock will
begin at the snap of the next play.
Referees may stop the clock at anytime. Examples of stoppage are injured player; to converse with the other referee
on a call, or any other reason they see fit. The clock will only stop for the better of the game.
The offensive team is allowed a 30 second huddle, this is not mandatory once the referee spots the ball offense can
play it. If the 30 second huddle is taken the referee will give a “10 seconds remains call”. If the ball is not snapped in
the 30 seconds the ball becomes dead , 5 yard penalty no loss of down. At this point the 30 seconds starts over.
No overtime during regular season games.
The game is to be played by two teams of seven. A team is allowed to play with 5 men, any less then 5 is a forfeit.
Team rosters must be completed before the first game. Max number is 14 players. A team may roster with less than
14 and have the option at no additional cost to add up to the max number. A team that rosters 14 players have the
option if roster fall below 14 due to injury or players quitting to add “free agents” for a acquisition fee of $75.00 per
player. A “free agent” is defined as a player that has not signed a contract with a different team. A player can not
quit a current session team and be recruited or be signed by a new team. All “free agents” contracts will be frozen
after 7th game. Once a player has been placed on the DL list and team has signed a new contract said player can not
return unless roster is below 14 player max. League commissioner must approve all contracts.
Offensive team must have a minimum of 3 linemen on the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap. The offense
does not have to wait on the defense to have 3 players on the line. Once the ball is placed and the whistle is blown
the ball can be snapped.
Only one player can be in motion at the snap of the ball and must be running parallel to the line of scrimmage.
Open hand blocking is a legal block; contact can be made with OPEN HANDS ONLY. Open hands can be thrust
forward to contact an opponent inside his upper body. Open hand blocking is allowed on all portions of the field.
Open Hand Blocking is not restricted to the line of scrimmage.
All players are eligible receivers; the 3 linemen can release after the ball is snapped to go for a pass. Receivers have
no formation requirements. However, only one can be in motion prior to the snap.
Any ball that is fumbled during a down will be ruled dead once it has touched the ground the ball will be spotted at
the spot of the fumble.
A ball carrier that falls to the ground is down and can not get up to advance the ball. The definition of down: Any
part of the body that touches the ground besides the carriers feet and free hand. If the player is losing his balance he
may keep himself erect by stabilizing himself with his free hand.
When the ball is snapped, and it touches the ground the ball will be ruled dead and spotted where the ball touched
the ground.
A proper block for down field play is to make sure the intended target has a line of sight (no blocking the players
blindside or from behind)
The center may walk the ball back to the kicker
A ball carrier can not guard his flags from the opponent with his free hand when attempting to elude tacklers. Play
will be dead at the spot of the foul and will result in a 5-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.
Stiff-arming is illegal and will draw an unnecessary roughness penalty. This will result in a penalty 5 yards from the
spot of the foul.
FALSE START 5 yard penalty
When the offense moves before the ball is snapped.
DELAY OF GAME 5 yard penalty
The allotted time of 30 second has expired
5 yards from the line of scrimmage
At no time may a ball carrier leave his feet to advance the ball. This includes diving, jumping forward, and jumping
over a fallen player this infraction will result in a 5-yard penalty from the spot of the foul
Absolutely no blocking in the back anywhere on the field at anytime.
On the line of scrimmage 5 yard penalty
Down Field blocking in the back will result in a:
5 yards from spot of the foul, and may have to sit out up to 4 plays.
Defensive team must have a minimum of 3 down linemen on the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap. Defensive
linemen may drop back into pass coverage after the ball is snapped. Offense does not have to wait on the defense
to get three men on the line.
Full blitzes are allowed on every down.
Only one defensive player allows bump and Run on a receiver within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. After 5 yards
the bump and runs is illegal and the penalty is an automatic 1st down.
A defender is offside when he breaks the neutral zone prior to the snap; you are not allowed to jump back and forth.
5 yard penalty and replay the down
Roughing the passer is when the defender makes any contact with the Quarterback other than going for his flag. A
defender may go for a blocked pass but still may not make contact with the passer.5 yard penalty.
The defender can not grab the ball carrier and impede his forward progress. This includes when the defender is attempting
to pull a flag and misses and grabs the ball carriers shorts, belt or shirt. The referee will determine if the
hold was intentional and may assess a 5-yard penalty.
Pass interference will result in an automatic 1st down and a 5-yard. penalty from line of scrimmage.
Pass interference will result in an automatic 1st down and 5-yd. penalty from line of scrimmage. Offensive pass interference
will result in a loss of down and 5 yd. Penalty from line of scrimmage. 5 YARDS EITHER WAY
Fighting will not be tolerated –Any player deemed fighting by a referee or Genesee Fieldhouse will be ejected from
the game and suspended up to the rest of the season. There will be NO REFUNDS of any kind given back to the
players involved in fighting, and the police will be called. If a player is involved in an altercation more than one time
that player will be suspended for the duration of the league. Fighting with a referee or staff member will result in an
ejection from the game and kicked out of the league.
Any players(s) or teams caught touching soccer goals, hanging on soccer goals, or damaging any other property of
the Genesee Fieldhouse will be ejected from the game and/or may face charges up to the fullest extent of the law.
Profanity, body gestures, arguing with the referee, verbal abuse towards anyone at the Fieldhouse is a 10 -yard penalty
and loss of down. 2 unsportsmanlike penalties you will be ejected from the game.
Both the offense and the defense reserve the right to decline penalties.
If a player is ejected from a game that player will serve at least a 1 game suspension! All suspensions will be
given to the team captain. All decisions are final.
Flag Belts
If a player ties or tampers with his belt to enable the opposing team to retrieve their flag that player will be ejected
from the game and will serve a 1 game suspension.
Any player caught wearing cleats the referee will suspended for that game. There are NO exceptions so please don’t
be the one to made an example out of.
If a player does not have a mouth guard, that player can not participate. Mouth guards can be purchased in the Genesee
Fieldhouse office while supplies last.
A legal tackle is when the defense pulls a minimum of 1 flag from the ball carriers belt. After the player pulls the
flag the player is to stand still and hold the flag erect in the air signifying a tackle.
Going for the flag and impeding the carrier’s forward movement. Tackling, shoving, holding or pushing the ball carrier
to the ground or out of bounds, all of which will result in a 5-yard penalty plus automatic first down.
The ball will be placed at the point where the flag was pulled.
If a ball carrier loses his flag belt, or any flags a single hand touch on the ball carrier will constitute a legal tackle.
A ball carrier can not go up the middle when there is 5 yards or less to the endzone. 5 yard penalty.
Touchdowns are worth 6 points
Field Goals are worth 3 points
Extra point field goals are worth 1 point, and the ball will be snapped from the goal line for a 20-yard field goal.
Extra point’s passing or running from the 13-yard line is worth 2 points
Safeties are worth 2 points.
The top 4 teams in each division will advance to the play offs
Wins are worth 3
Ties are worth 1
Loss is worth 0
If there is a tie in the standings, the breaker will go by point differential
Example: TD for (Touch Downs For) 80 TDA subtracted by the (touch Down Against) 70 TDD (Touch Down Differential)
= + 10
The offensive team is allowed to punt the ball on 4th down. On 4th down the referee will ask the offense what they
want to do. The offense has to tell the referee if they are going for 1st down, punt or kick a field goal. The offense
can not change the play on 4th down unless they use a timeout. The receiving team has one bounce to field the punt.
If a punted ball touches a player then the ground the ball is dead and will be spotted where it touched the ground.
Defense is not allowed to rush a punt, and they must have 3, players on the line until after the snap. Defense can put
their hands up. Offense cannot leave the line of scrimmage until after the ball is kicked. The offensive line cannot
leave the line of scrimmage until after the ball has been kicked.
Offensive team has the option to kick a field goal after a touchdown for 1 pts, or on 4th down for 3 pts. A team may
wish to go for 3 points on 4th down from any part of the field. Defense is not allowed to rush a field goal, and they
still must have 3 on the line until after the snap. Defense can put their hands up. A missed field goal will be returned
to the spot of the attempt. If the ball is duffed the ball is live until the ball crosses the goal line.
Teams will receive 2 points and the ball back at the 15 yard line, if you intercept the pass and run it back for a
Each player must have recorded their name on the sign in sheet a minimum of 3 times to participate in the playoffs.
Playoff games do not count as games played. If a player participates in a playoff game and has not reached the required
3 games the penalty given is a forfeit. Any Captain has the right to challenge any player during any playoff or
championship game. The captain is to call a timeout and address his concern with the referee. The clock will stop
until the challenge has been answered. If the captain is correct in his challenge the opposing team forfeits, and if he
is incorrect the captain has burned a time out.
If both teams are tied after regulation the game will go into overtime. Overtime will follow the college format. A
coin toss with the captains will determine who is offense and who is defense. Offense will have 4 downs to score
from the 20-yard line. Both teams get equal chances to score. This will repeat itself until a winner of the game is
determined. There are not first downs in overtime. (4 downs and out)
ZERO TOLERANCE on fighting. Any participant or spectator that fights will be immediately removed from the facility.
Suspensions will be at least one game, with possible full session suspensions. Any spectator that enters the field of
play during an altercation will be suspended up to 3 games, after review. These decisions will be final. Any abusive
language used towards Genesee Fieldhouse Management and referees will follow the same policy procedures.
Any contact or threats made towards any Genesee Fieldhouse Staff Member (including Referee’s) will be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law. We will not tolerate this behavior
No alcohol is allowed on the Genesee Fieldhouse property. Any player that consumes alcohol before an athletic activity
will not be allowed to play. Any spectator that is seen consuming any alcoholic beverages will not be allowed to
enter the dome.
SMOKING is NOT allowed inside the facility.
All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian sign a waiver prior to participating in any activity.
We will not allow any player to participate until we receive completed information.
All league deposits are non-refundable! All league fee balances must be paid in full prior to taking the field the first night
of league play. If your team fee is not paid, you will receive a $50.00 late fee added to your balance. If the balance
is not paid prior to the second league game your team will not be allowed to take the field and you will no longer
be on the schedule. All payments received will be forgone.
Each new session of league play a COMPLETED ROSTER must be turned into the office, even if the roster has not
changed. Any players added after the roster has been turned in, must be sent to the office to add his/her name. If
a player joins a team and does not sign the waiver, that team will receive an automatic forfeiture for all games
that the player in question participates.
All Rosters are frozen after the Third Game. Genesee Fieldhouse will review all requests for replacement players to field
a team.
SOCCER PARTICIPANTS - Any Yellow Card given will result in that player having to sit out for a total of 5 minutes.
The team will play down until the opposing team scores or the 5 minutes are up, which ever is longer. Any Red
Card given to a player will result in the immediate removal from the premises. The team will have to play down
a player for the remainder of that half or 15 minutes, whichever is longer.
FOOTBALL PARTICIPANTS – Any player that receives a penalty that can be construed as severe or flagrant will be
asked to sit out for up to 10 plays (Referee’s discretion). If this player is involved in additional flagrant activity
he will be ejected from the game and must immediately leave the facility. It is up to the discretion of the referee
to make all on field calls.
All sanctions and suspensions will be given to the team captains, except for “house teams”. We will not contact the individual(
s) in question. That is the captain’s job. If the player(s) that are suspended arrive to play it is up to the
Captain to ask them to leave. If Genesee Fieldhouse Management is required to get involved your team will forfeit
the game.
Any checks that are returned for insufficient funds or closed accounts the following actions will be taken:
There will be a $25.00 service fee assessed to the TEAM.
The entire team is suspended from play until the check is paid in full as well as the service fee.
III. If this payment was to payoff the team balance a $50.00 late fee may also be assessed.
Anyone who participates in an activity without signing a Genesee Fieldhouse waiver is trespassing, and will be removed
from the Genesee Fieldhouse.
I have read the GENESEE FIELDHOUSE rules and hereby take responsibility for
my team
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