Facility Policies/Rules
Updated 8/26/2016

Genesee Fieldhouse welcomes everyone to the facility and hope you and your family have an enjoyable experience playing your favorite activity. 
1. Please pay attention when entering the competition area. In most instances games are in progress and customers not paying attention could be struck with an object in motion. 

2. Genesee Fieldhouse will be held harmless due to injuries from a participant. When playing a sport of contact or not, injuries are more than likely going to occur. Spectators/non-playing persons are also at risk due to bodies and objects in motion, please pay attention.

3. If you leave an item behind (Jacket, shirt, shoes, phone, etc.), we will do our best to hold onto the item that you lost, however, Genesee Fieldhouse will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. We do have a lost and found box that we use to hold onto items for a brief period of time.

4. Children must be supervised at all times. Due to a large volume of attendee’s Genesee Fieldhouse is not responsible for the location of each and every person that enters the facility. Please accompany your child/children to the bathroom, around the facility, or to the office. If your child is seen climbing on our equipment, playing around our equipment, or in an area that is not safe, we will do our best to inform the person on what they are doing. If any damage occurs to our equipment due to a spectator (child or adult), you will be held personally responsible for the replacement, repair, or new purchase of the damaged item. All measures legal and otherwise will be followed to the fullest extent of the law for restitution.

5. No climbing or hanging on the soccer goals. Any damage to the goal(s) from a person(s) hanging or climbing will be responsible for the replacement of these items.

6. Gum, Sun Flower Seeds, Tobacco, are not allowed in the competition area. If you have a banned item, you will be asked to throw the item away, and to clean up the mess that was created. If our policy cannot be followed, you will be asked to leave. Alcohol is not permitted on our property. Any person(s) seen consuming alcohol on the premises will not be allowed on our property. Authorities will be called.

7. Spectators and participants are not allowed under our netting. This is for your safety, as the netting covers our lighting system and the various components become very hot to the touch.

8. Professional conduct is expected from Coaches, Parents, Spectators, and especially the Participants. Any act of perceived violence (verbal, physical, or otherwise) towards a Genesee Fieldhouse Referee, Employee, Contractor, or Assigns will result in immediate expulsion from the facility with the authorities called. The preceding policy will also be followed if the situation occurs between two customers on Genesee Fieldhouse property.

9. Spectators using soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, frisbee’s etc, during games will be asked to stop. If this issue continues these item(s) will be confiscated from the users for pick-up in the office after the game/activity you are attending has concluded. We do not want objects disrupting the field of play. Please hold onto your items until half-time or for in between games.

10. Animals are not allowed in the facility. Do not bring the family pet to a practice, game or tournament. You will be asked to leave. 

11. Returned checks will be charged $25.00 per instance, or to the maximum amount allowed by the State of Michigan. We will not accept a check as payment for the returned funds, rather cash is the only acceptable form of payment for this instance.

12. Credit Card payments under $20.00 will incur a $2.00 convenience fee.

13. There are no refunds for any league or activity deposit paid or for any losses incurred. In instances in which a league/activity does not go forward due to lack of participation, Genesee Fieldhouse will grant a full 100% refund. If there is an over-payment on a team account, a refund may be granted minus a $5.00 processing fee, or the over-payment can be applied to a future league/activity. These instances will be case by case. A team/person with a deposit or a league/tournament fee paid prior to a league beginning will not be refunded unless we can fill your spot. A 50% refund will be granted if we cannot fill your spot if the total fee is paid, if just a deposit is paid no refund will be granted. If you register a team for a tournament, please use the following as a guideline for a refund: Prior to the tournament schedule being posted and we are able to fill your team spot – 100% refund,  prior to the schedule being posted and we are unable to fill your spot, 50% refund, Schedule is posted and we are able to fill your spot – 100% refund, schedule is posted, but we are not able to fill your spot – no refund. 

14. Rental contract policies will follow much of the items in policy #13. We will only grant a full refund if your rental spot is able to be filled at the same price. If you decide to change the contract after the fact, you will not receive a refund, rather we will accommodate your organization to utilize the field space you desire. Genesee Fieldhouse works with each director or rental leader to supply time that is mutually beneficial to each party well in advance of the indoor season, so be sure to read the contract information that was sent. All rentals are based on a first come basis.

15. Balances must be paid in full by the beginning of the second game or incur a $50.00 late payment penalty.

16. Genesee Fieldhouse is an indoor facility, thus during snow, rain, and other weather related events outside of our control, games will go on. We will cancel games for the safety of our customers, if weather events become extreme. However, since we are not in control of the weather, no refunds, discounts, or credits will be offered due to weather related conditions. We will do our best to reschedule any canceled game (by us or by the customer). Game times and days may not match the typical time frame, but we will make it available as an option. If a game time/day is not agreeable by both parties the recorded score will be a 0-0 tie for each team.



If you have questions or concerns please contact us 810-655-2200.