Facility Policies/Rules
Updated 9/24/2020
    All credit card purchases are charged a 3% processing fee (non-refundable).

    All registrations must be done through our website (geneseefieldhouse.com) or by calling 810-655-2200. We are no longer (Covid-19) taking payments at the customer window. At the time of registration a credit card must be on file, as any balances that remain after the 3rd game will be charged – no notification sent.
     b. We assume whoever is registering the team is in charge of the team: Team payments, rules acknowledgments, roster forms, covid-19 waivers and league schedules.  If the card that is on file is declined, we will contact the customer for other payment arrangements. If new payment arrangements are not made, the team will be removed from the schedule, forfeiting all remaining games and all monies paid to that point – NO REFUNDS.
    c. All activities (LEAGUE, TOURNAMENT, CAMP) will require a non-refundable deposit. This deposit ensures a spot in our events. These deposits are non-refundable and will not be refunded, unless the promoted event does not go forward. If you leave a full payment (Tournament or League), and are unable to participate, we will do whatever we can to get your spot replaced, and your money returned. However, due to the busy nature of some of our events, teams that are on a wait-list may have made other arrangements and are no longer available to participate. We may use discounts to get you a portion of your money back, but no guarantees. In the instance for individuals that have signed up for a GFH Sponsored Camp, all monies will be returned less a $5.00 processing fee.
    d. Teams that cancel on game day will be responsible for payment towards the official. We assign officials based on the schedule that was provided to you. If you are unable to play, please know that the card on file will be charged for the official’s fee in the format you are playing.
    e. During this current pandemic, Genesee Fieldhouse will no longer be handing out Ice Packs and Band-Aids for small bumps and cuts. This is the responsibility of the Coaches. Coaches MUST have these health items with you at all times. For any serious injury, please call 911.

    Genesee Fieldhouse will issue a refund for any event (League, Tournament, Camp) that does not fill. All refunds will be processed within 30 days of the date of the canceled event. Genesee Fieldhouse does not offer refunds for instances outside of our control. This includes, but not limited to: Snow events, Ice storm, power outages, mass illness, lack of participation, government shut-down, or any other issue outside of Genesee Fieldhouse’s control. We will do our best to make the event up at a different date. If your team is unable to participate on the new date due to a previously scheduled engagement a 50% credit MAY be offered. We will do what we can to provide the type of service that our customers expect.

    Genesee Fieldhouse will be providing a hand sanitation station in the lobby and all items touched by our customers will be disinfected with SARS-COVID-19 approved sprays and antiseptics. When coming to Genesee Fieldhouse, please make sure all players and spectators are not showing signs of Covid-19. If any spectators or players are not feeling well, they MUST stay home. Each team is in charge of monitoring their athlete’s health before entering the facility, following CDC Guidelines.

    b. Players for Soccer and Football are mandated to wear masks while competing, if those mandates change we will notify everyone.
    c. Players for League Play and Tournaments are allowed one (1) spectator per athlete. Please keep all other family members, siblings, grandparents, aunts, etc. at home during this time. We are limited to 25% of our total volume of persons allowed in the competition area.
    d. No parents, siblings or other spectators are allowed for indoor practice/training sessions.
    e. When entering in the building, everyone must wear a facial covering when entering. For the sports that are not mandated to wear a facial covering while competing, players are allowed to remove their facial coverings once they are with their teammates inside the competition area. It is encouraged for non-competing players to wear a facial covering.
    f. Spectators (if allowed) must wear a facial covering at all times. Spectators must bring their own chairs, our bleachers will be removed to minimize touch points.
    h. When your game, practice or activity is completed please leave the facility in a timely manner (due to volume restrictions). If you are having a team meeting, please do it outside for the safety of all individuals entering.
    i. On game days only players and coaches are allowed in the competition area, while other activities are ongoing. Once the previous activities end, and your team’s game is about to begin, then spectators are allowed into the competition area with facial coverings on at all times.

All GFH Staff Members will be wearing masks when outside of the office, while speaking with a customer at  the front window and while cleaning the facility. The volume of employees we are allowed in the office is limited, so please keep that in mind when in need to speak with someone.

    GFH will hold onto lost items for a period of 1 week. After that period of time the lost item(s) will be donated. Please pick-up after yourself and take home what you brought with you. GFH will not be held liable or responsible for any lost item by a customer visiting GFH.

  2. MOTION:
    Please be aware you are entering a facility that has objects and bodies in motion. Please pay attention to your surroundings and to the games that are ongoing. Objects and bodies may cause harm to individuals not involved with the event, so please pay attention when in the competition area. Genesee Fieldhouse will be held harmless from injuries incurred to a participant or spectator due to the physical nature of the events inside the competition area.

    Are not allowed at this time for practices. One spectator per athlete for games.

    Any persons climbing or abusing any of the equipment (Goals, Lights, Netting, Heating Units, etc.) that is provided by GFH, will be asked to stop and/or leave the facility. If a person destroys/damages any of our equipment (outside of normal wear and tear), that person will be responsible for full replacement cost. This replacement cost will be collected through any and all means, with possible suspension from attending any future activities at GFH.
    Gum, Sun-Flower Seeds, Smokeless Tobacco (chewing and vapes), Alcohol are prohibited items in the competition area. If you have a banned substance in the competition area, you will be asked to throw the item out and to clean up any mess that was created. During the current pandemic, no outside food is allowed.

    b. Spectators and participants are not allowed under the dome netting. Any person under the netting or climbing on our equipment will be asked to leave the area. Continual issues the individual and persons associated will be asked to leave.

    c. It is expected from all that enter the facility to conduct themselves professionally and under control. Any act of perceived violence (Verbal, Physical or otherwise) towards a GFH Official, Staff Member, Contractor or Assigns will result in immediate expulsion, with no protest heard. If the individual(s) do not comply with leaving, the authorities will be contacted as this individual(s) are now trespassing.

    d. Spectators and waiting teams are not allowed to use any item that may disrupt or interact with the ongoing competition. If warming-up cannot be done responsibly under the supervision of a coach, you will be asked to stop for the safety of all. Please use common sense, and be respectful of the ongoing games, as you would want others to treat your game.

    e. Animals of any kind are not allowed in the facility (keep your pets at home). If you have a service animal, please call ahead to inform us. When arriving, please make sure the service animal has all the proper badges and their service vest on. If we cannot determine the animal is for service, the animal will not be allowed to enter.

    f. All returned checks will incur a $25.00 fee per instance or the maximum allowable amount to charge per the State of Michigan. We will not accept another check, so please pay with cash or a debit/credit card.

    g. GFH will aid in tracking payments, however, it is not our responsibility to track each individual’s payment. Teams must keep track of their own accounting.

If you have any questions, please call 810-655-2200 for additional information.