Covid-19 Policies

Now that some more clarity has been provided, here are the rules as of now, as provided by the State of Michigan HHS (Subject to Change):

1. All registrations must be done over the phone for leagues/tournaments/camps. If you register online we will call you for a credit card to be placed on file (mandatory).

2. We are not taking payments at the customer service window, to minimize face to face interactions and gatherings in the lobby for everyone's safety.

3. Facial coverings must be worn by everyone when entering and leaving the facility. Athletes are able to remove their masks when with their teammates (following CDC guidelines, contact sports will have to wear masks while playing, per HHA). Spectators (where allowed) will be required to social distance and wear a facial covering at all times.

4. Volume restrictions of 20-25%: Practices and Games will have one parent/guardian per athlete.

5. Genesee Fieldhouse will have a hand sanitation station in the lobby for customers to use before heading into the competition area. All staff will be tested daily, will wear a facial mask when interacting with customers, and will disinfect all touch points every hour. We have used a product for 8 years that kills SARS-COVID-19 Viruses and is approved by the CDC.

6. All participants must have a completed Covid-19 Form, along with a Waiver Form before anyone is allowed to participate. Any player with a form not completed in its entirety will result in that individual not being able to participate. These items will be emailed after your team registers.

7. All completed forms can be emailed (preferred) or dropped off by one designated person from the team. We are no longer allowing a line at the customer service.

8. Parents will be required to drop-off their player. The only persons allowed inside while games are ongoing are the players and coaches. Parents will have to wait until the previous games clear out.

9. No Drinking Fountain, No Bleachers, one bathroom stall (in each bathroom) will be available for use per state guidelines provided.

10. Additional information will be provided as it is received.

November 1st - Practices begin, Softball/Baseball Leagues/Tournaments begin, Adult Men's, Women's and Coed Soccer Leagues begin.

December - All youth Soccer League formats will begin December 4th weekend to Mid-April. Adult Flag Football Leagues begin!

If you have any questions, please email