Indoor Baseball Tournament Rules
Updated 12/27/2019
  • 2019/2020 Genesee Fieldhouse Indoor Baseball Tournament Rules
    1. All age groups will play regulation base distances: 65’ bases for 10U, 70’ for 12U, 90’ for 13U/14U and 90’ for High School. Pitching distances: 9U/10U – 46’, 11U/12U – 50’, 13U/14U – 60’6" and High School  – 60’ 6”.
    2. 9U/10U Baseball teams can play with 10 players in the field if a team so chooses – it is not mandatory.
    3. Any team that has sunflower seeds will forfeit their game(s), with no warnings given. If a team cannot obey the facility rules, they will be asked to leave. Please pass this information on your team members and their parents.
    4. Everyone on the line-up sheet bats, and it is free defensive substitution. If a player is not on the initial line-up sheet, that player will not be allowed to participate in the game, unless the team has not gone through their entire batting line-up, in which the late arriving player can be added to the end of the batting order.
    5. A player that bats out of order will be an automatic out. If it is not protested prior to the first pitch being thrown to the next batter in the line-up, the at bat will stand. For an example: the 5th batter accidentally bats 4th and hits a double, this batter can be an automatic out, if protested before the next batter receives their first pitch. If the mistake is caught before the first pitched ball to the batter that is incorrectly inserted into the batting line-up, no penalty will occur.
    6. Pinch-runners must be used for the catcher when there are two outs. Pinch-runners can be used for a pitcher that is going to enter the game the next inning. The pinch runner to be used is the last recorded out.
    7. Beginning pitch count is 1 and 1. We will follow the Catholic High School League Rule for bunting, (ie; a batter has two strikes and decides to bunt and he fouls it off, the batter is not out. The batter receives an additional opportunity to put the ball into play. If the batter bunts again and fouls it off the batter is out.).
    8. A maximum of 6 innings or 75 minutes for all ages, whichever comes first. A game ends once the 75 minutes are up. If the home team is up to bat and is behind at time limit, they will be allowed to finish their half inning, unless the home team is behind by more than the 5 run differential, in that scenario the game will end. Games can end in a tie. If the visiting team is up to bat and the time limit is reached, the game will end, and the score will revert to last completed inning. Games will be played to time-limit to give maximum chances to the players.
    9. Mercy Rule – A team winning by 11 or more runs after 4 innings.
    10. A team is able to play with 8 players, however, the 9thspot will be an automatic out. A team with 7 players or less will be forfeiture. Teams can still play, however the score will be recorded as 7 – 0. However, if a team during the game falls below the minimum 8 player rule, the player that left the game (either personal reasons or ejection) will be an automatic out.
    11. If a batted ball rolls through the fencing or any other field demarcation, the ball will be ruled dead (only after umpire inspection) and the ruling will be a ground rule double. Field players must put their arms up to indicate to the umpire that the ball is unplayable. In a thrown ball situation:A thrown ball to any base to make a play, but goes out of play, the runner will only advance one base, regardless of field position.
    12. Any batted ball hit over the fencing or other field demarcation will be considered a home-run. The batter does not have to run the bases. If he chooses to run all bases must be touched.
    13. Any batted ball that hits the top of the dome will be a dead-ball regardless if it is caught or not – if caught, the batter is not out, and if dropped, the runners cannot advance, however this will go against the strike count. A batted ball that is hit behind the dugout area, or off the side of the dome cannot be caught for a recorded out. The ball is dead and is unplayable.
     In 14U and High School Baseballa batted ball that hits the top of the dome will be playable, and  if dropped the runners can advance as long as the ball is in fair territory. If a ball hits the top of the dome, lands in fair territory and spins foul prior to passing 1st or 3rd base,  it will be up to umpire judgment to determine if the ball is fair or not (similar to outdoors).
    14. Fair territory is defined by an imaginary line running in front of the dugout and running parallel to the base lines. This line is up to umpire judgment on any batted ball. Spectators must be seated behind this imaginary line. Coaches, it is up to you to make sure your parents are seated in the proper spot. A batted ball that is hit behind the dugout is foul and cannot be caught for a recorded out if the ball ricochets back into the field of play. The ball is dead.
    15. Infield fly rule will not be enforced.
    16. Dropped 3rdstrike rule will be enforced for 11U/12U and up ages. This rule is not in effect for 9U/10U.
    17. Pitching Restrictions: 9U/10U maximum of 3 innings (one balk warning per pitcher per team), 11U/12U maximum 4 innings (one balk warning per team per game), 14U maximum of 5 innings (no balk warnings), and High School is unlimited (no balk warnings). These rules are per GAME. A pitcher that throws one pitch beyond the maximum will give the batter an automatic pass to first base. A pitcher once removed cannot be re-inserted into pitch for the remainder of the game, he can play anywhere in the field and the batting line-up does not change.
    18. Stealing: If there is a 9U division, we will adjust the rules, no lead-offs or base stealing until the ball crosses the plate. 10U can lead off and steal whenever the runner would like. However, to minimize stress on the catcher, when a base-runner reaches third base (and the play is dead) the base-runner cannot steal on a wild pitch. The only way a runner in 10U can score from 3rdbase is on a batted/bunted ball, bases loaded walk, or an over throw to any base. 11U/12U and up can steal at any time as lead-offs are allowed. Coaches in the 11U/12U and up baseball must be aware that the umpires will call balks.
    19. There are only 5-minutes in between games, so please vacate your dugout area as quickly as possible. If you are going to have a team meeting, please do so off the field, so games can stay on time.
    20. Dugouts are for coaches and players only. 4 Coaches maximum allowed. If there are more than 4 coaches the umpire will ask the head coach to remove one of the coaches. An umpire will only speak with the head coach on any contested calls. If the dugout does not comply the game will be forfeited 7-0. All players must be in the dugout area at all times, except the on-deck batter. Helmets must be worn at all times when a player is outside the bench area, including any player coaches.
    21. Team roster/waivers must be turned in prior to your first game. Any player without a signed and completed waiver will not be allowed to play. If a player is deemed to be too old based on the Genesee Fieldhouse age requirements (ask if you are unsure) your team will forfeit and the player will not be able to play. Please keep copies of birth certificates with you, no need to turn them in, unless a players age is contested. High School Players must be able to supply a school I.D. to prove they are still in high school when asked. Please notify each player that they must bring in their current year school I.D.
    22. On deck batters are responsible for picking up bats after a batted ball.
    23. Protective cups for catchers are mandatory. If a catcher does not have a cup, he will not be allowed to participate in that position until he is properly equipped.
    24. Coaches please pass along to your staff, team members, and parents: Genesee Fieldhouse will not allow any coach, player, or parent in the building that cannot conduct themselves in a calm and professional manner. Any outbursts may cause your team the embarrassment of being asked to leave.
    Oversized bats are allowed, however the bat must fall into the following guidelines: Bats for 10U and 12U cannot have a barrel more than 2 ¾” in circumference and not longer than 36”. 14U and up leagues will play with wood bats. If a player uses an illegal bat and a pitch is thrown, the umpire can be made aware (umpire will not be inspecting bats), the batter will be an automatic out. Any bat deemed illegal prior to a pitch thrown will be removed from the game. 
    Tie-Breaker Rules:
    1.      Over-all Record (3-points for a win, 1 point for a tie)
    2.      Head to head
    3.      Least amount of runs allowed
    4.      Largest positive run differential
    5.      Most amount of runs scored