Youth League Procedures & Schedules / Game Change Policy Updated 10/11/2021
Updated 10/11/2021



1.  Before taking the Field for their 1st Game, All Teams playing in Leagues at Genesee Fieldhouse must have:


A. All participants must have a signed waiver submitted to the Office before taking the Field. Anyone that participates in any Genesee Fieldhouse activity that has not submitted a signed Genesee Fieldhouse waiver will be considered trespassing. Said player(s) will have to leave the premises and may cause the offending Team to forfeit game(s).

B. All teams must have a valid credit card on file.
All Fees are non-refundable.

C. Returned checks will be charged $25.00 per instance / item or the maximum allowed by state law.   

2.  Schedules are not final until the date of that Session’s 1st game, and are subject to change. Please check the Schedule on our web-site ( for the most up to date information. If your team is affected by a schedule change, we will notify the Team contact listed on your Team’s Registration form by e-mail or phone.

3.  Genesee Fieldhouse will try to accommodate Youth Team scheduling conflicts provided they are submitted in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the 1st playing date of the Session to be considered and they include the date AND time that the conflicting activity begins AND ends. The solution may result in a double header for your Team. Note: Our Leagues are usually at capacity for each playing Session, so we may require your Team to play on the day of your conflict, allowing for travel time and the duration of the conflicting activity. 

4.  Upon written request at least 3 weeks prior to the 1st playing date of that Session , Genesee Fieldhouse will try to accommodate Coaches scheduling conflicts. For Coaches with multiple Teams playing at Genesee Fieldhouse in the same Session, with 2 weeks notification in writing, we will make every effort to schedule your games at different times and with minimal wait time between games. Note that Teams are often registered by non-Coaches and we aren't always aware of who is coaching a Team prior to scheduling unless notified.

5.  Teams Registering for Leagues and Tournaments are bound to the days / times assigned. Requests to reschedule due to a coach or player(s) conflicts away from Genesee Fieldhouse and requests to avoid dates that fall during school breaks will be given a lower priority than numbers 3 and 4 above, and must be submitted in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the 1st playing date of the Session to be considered. If a conflict arises where a few or one of the members of your Team are unavailable, but you have enough players to field a Team, the request will be given a lower priority than numbers 3 and 4 above. As with outdoor Travel Leagues, we cannot reschedule games just because something “came up”, so please give your opponent the same consideration you expect and deserve.

6.  Management realizes that 6 AM and 11 PM game start times on the weekends and 5 and 10 PM starts on weekdays can be difficult. We do our best to ensure that these times are distributed as equally as possible amongst all Teams, and make allowances for overall travel distance and youth Team’s participant ages. Therefore, avoiding specific undesirable times of the day, as well as times during church hours, avoiding holidays and other sporting events will NOT be grounds for changing a schedule. We will dispense with League play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Super Bowl Sunday after 7 PM, and Easter.

7.  All reschedule requests submitted after the schedule for that Session has been completed will be reviewed on an individual basis. Obviously, if you don’t have enough players to field a Team, we want to notify your opponent. The further in advance you let us know you won’t be able to field a Team for a scheduled game, the more likely that the game can be rescheduled. Where possible, we will reschedule these games by working out an alternate date and time with the Team being canceled on. The cancelling Team will not have time and date preference consideration for the make-up game. If a scheduled game is canceled or a no show, and not able to fill with another team, the team canceling is responsible for ref fees for the canceled game. 

8.  Genesee Fieldhouse reserves the right to form divisions within age groups. You may request a particular placement (i.e. play up a year, play in division 2, etc.), and we will honor as many of these requests as possible. However, having as many well matched divisions as possible is our goal, and ultimately, Genesee Fieldhouse is in the best position to make unbiased placement decisions that are in the best interests of all.

 D. We will not tolerate any verbal abuse towards our referees. Coaches and team managers are responsible for the behavior of their spectators. If a referee asks the coach to take care of the spectator of issue, it will be up to the coach to deal with the spectator. If the issue is not reremedied, the referees have all rights to abandon the match with full pay.

E. Spectator Rules: We may limit the number of spectators per athlete to comply with any health regulations that may be enforced for the safety of the athletes, coaches, staff and spectators.