Fall Baseball Rules
Updated 8/19/2019

2019 Genesee Fieldhouse Fall Baseball Rules

Thank you for your participation in our Annual Fall Baseball League. Please review the rules and let us know if you have any questions. 

Unless otherwise noted we will follow MHSAA Rules. Umpires have complete control of the game. There are no protests.

13U and up teams must have BBCOR approved bats. Any bat deemed illegal will require the umpire to do the following: Remove the bat from play and a warning will be given. From this point on any player caught using an illegal bat will be removed from the game, as well as the head coach – per MHSAA Rules.

The following rules pertain to 15U and up teams ONLY, playing in the High School Division:

Teams have the option to follow MHSAA Rules in which you can bat 9 or 10 if using an EH(Extra Hitter) and substitute players in key situations as you see fit. EH is just like a field position spot and may bat anywhere in the line-up. Players in the original batting line-up are allowed one re-entry if they are subbed out. We will allow a DH for the pitcher only.   

The other option for teams in the High School Division is to bat every player with free defensive substitutions. If you choose this option, any player that plans to participate in the game must be on the original batting line-up or they can not play. Once you decide what you want to do, you cannot switch your playing format in the middle of the game.

Each team must pay one umpire $35 before each game. If a team fails to pay before the game, it will be the umpires decision whether or not to start the game.

9U -High School Rules:
1. Base and pitching distances are as follows for each age division:
            9U/10U – 46’ pitching and 65’ bases
            11U/12U – 50’ pitching and 70’ bases
            13U/14U – 60’6” pitching and 90’ bases

2. Pitching Limits
            9U/10U – 3 innings per game
            11U/12U – 3 innings per game
            13U/14U – 4 innings per game
            High School – Unlimited
Once a pitcher is removed he cannot be reinserted to pitch for the remainder of the game. The removed pitcher can play anywhere in the field. One pitch constitutes an inning pitched. If a pitcher is deemed to have thrown beyond the innings limit, the offended team has the following two options: 1. Any batters that safely reached base can stay as is, including any runs scored or 2. Re-start the inning with all runners removed from their current base location and any outs not counted, with the line-up resuming from the first batter that started the inning – please note time will not be added to the clock for this. Any decision made will require a new pitcher to be inserted into the game.

3. Games are 1:30 long or 7 innings, with no new inning beginning with 5 minutes or less. Games can end in a tie during league play games. WHEN A GAME REACHES TIME LIMIT, IF THE AWAY TEAM IS UP TO BAT, THE SCORE WILL REVERT TO THE LAST COMPLETED INNING AND THE GAME IS OVER. IF THE HOME TEAM IS UP TO BAT AT TIME LIMIT, THEY WILL BE ALLOWED TO FINISH THEIR HALF OF THE INNING. For 9U – 12U teams, please be aware that if you are the home team and up to bat at time limit, you must be within the run rule for the game to continue (ie, within 7 runs). 

4. 9U – 14U aged teams will have round robin batting and free defensive substitution. A player that is not listed on your line-up sheet at the beginning of the game will not be allowed to play. Any player(s) that are going to be late can be added at the end of the line-up, however, if the batting order has batted all the way through once, and the late player was not present to bat, that player will not be allowed to play. The spot in the line-up will not be an automatic out. (See rule #5)

5. Every age group must have a minimum of 7 players for the game not too be forfeited. If during the game a player is injured, and the team remains above 9 or more players, the vacated spot will not be an automatic out. The batting order will slide up. If a team drops below 9 players (due to injury, personal reasons, ejection, etc) those spots in the line-up become an automatic out. A team without a minimum of 7 players will receive a forfeit of 7-0.

6. Rosters are frozen after the first weekend of play. You can roster as many players as you would like, but remember all players on the line up sheet play (9U-14U only). Anyone omitted from the line-up card is not allowed to play in that particular game.
            A player cannot play for two teams in the same age group. A player from a younger team can play up (if on the roster). These rosters must be turned in at your first game, with all player having a parent or legal guardian signing the Genesee Fieldhouse Waiver/Roster form. 
            Coaches be sure to have all concussion paper-work with you, including your concussion action plan, based on the new law June 30th, 2013. Genesee Fieldhouse is not responsible for holding onto the paper-work, rather we wanted to make sure that all coaches are aware of the new law. For more information please visit the following web-site: www.michigan.gov/sportsconcussion.

7. Infield fly rule is in effect for all age groups. 

8. A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher or pitcher on base at any time. If you do not have someone to warm up the pitcher in between innings, please sub in a runner for the catcher. In divisions 9U-14U the substitute runner will be the last recorded out. 
           High School teams using substitutes must use a player on their bench (not in the line-up) as the courtesy runner, if you're not following the free defensive subsitituion/round robing batting scenario.

9. Base stealing can be done at any time for ages 11U and up as leading off is allowed. 9U/10U teams can steal when a pitched ball crosses the plate. No restrictions on how many bases a runner can advance on a stolen base in 9U/10U. 

10. 9U-12U only, will have a maximum runs per at bat of 7 runs. Once 7 runs are obtained the teams will switch. This is to aid in speeding up the games.

11. Mercy rules for all ages are as follows: 12 after 3 innings, 10 after 4 innings, 8 after 5 innings.

12. One balk warning per pitcher in 11U/12U ages. 13U and up will not receive any balk warning.

13. All league games are for seeding purposes for the playoffs. The #1 seed will either receive a bye the first round, or play the lowest seeded team to advance to the next round.

14. Standings will be posted online at www.geneseefieldhouse.com, with weekly updates posted on Facebook – www.Facebook.com/GeneseeFieldhouse.
Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. All runs for and against will be featured into the equation for seeding purposes. The following are the league tie-breaker rules:
1. Head to head winner
2. Least amount of runs allowed
3. Largest positive run differential
4. Largest amount of runs for (scored)
5. If still tied after all tie-break rules have been used, a coin toss will determine who has the highest seed. 

15. In most instances there will be 15 minutes in between games for rest. We are going to do our best to keep games moving along as daylight will become an issue for the latest scheduled game times. Please be prepared to play at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time. It is the umpire's discretion as to if pregame warm-ups will be allowed.

16. Odds and ends: A couple of situations have come up in the past we would like to address – 
A. "A batter is hit by a pitch and the batter is unable to continue due to injury." A courtesy runner(last recorded out) may be used for the injured player and the lineup will slide up without penalty (no automatic out). Only if the team falls below 9 players will an out be issued at that spot of the batting line-up.
B. All games including playoff and championship games will have a time/innings limit. If the game is tied when either situation occurs, the international tie-breaker rule will go into force. The last batted out will go to second base and the inning will begin with one out. Each team will have an opportunity to win until a winner is determined. THIS IS FOR PLAYOFF AND CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES ONLY. All league games can end in a tie.
C. No steel cleats allowed for 9U - 12U leagues, 13U and up players can wear steel cleats.

17. The season provided is based on 10 games plus playoffs, however, if weather cancels two weeks, playoffs may not be offered. The league will wrap-up on the last possible play date of October 15th. Any games canceled will be at the discretion of the schools that allow Genesee Fieldhouse to rent their fields. Some locations may allow game play, while other locations may not. In the event of this situation occurring, an alternate day (Saturday) may be utilized to get as many games completed as possible. No refunds are offered during these situations, as they are beyond our control.

18.Games that are cancelled by the Genesee Fieldhouse due to weather will be recorded as a 0-0 tie. A team that does not show up, the score will be recorded as a 7-0 loss.